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News and Announcements

Educators Toolkit Available
Call for Nominations
CERP Provider Annual Fees to Increase

CCEPR Guidance on Online CE Activities
List Your COVID-19 CE Activities 
ADA CERP Participates in Joint Accreditation
CERP Eligibility Criteria Revised
Webinar Available 
Extensions Granted

Now Available: CE Educator's Toolkit Provides Best Practices in Educational Design 

The CE Educator’s Toolkit, a new resource designed to equip educators with best practices and guidelines to deliver effective CE, is now available. The toolkit was developed by the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) through a resource grant from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).
The toolkit focuses on educational design principles and practical techniques that may be helpful to educators in the healthcare professions. Following a review of academic literature and discussions with experts in CE, the following education interventions were identified and explored in the toolkit: 

  • Small-group learning: Promotes self-esteem and participation, introduces the learner to a range of perspectives and feedback, and supports the development of social, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Case-based learning: Fosters critical thinking through the use of real-world scenarios and promotes collaboration and interprofessional learning through inquiry-based approaches.
  • Reflective learning: Supports self-awareness, facilitates lifelong learning, and identifies individual learning gaps and areas for improvement.

The toolkit also offers mini-case scenarios, guiding questions, and evaluation tools for tracking your learners’ progress. Additional resources on how to leverage the toolkit will be available in the coming months. This toolkit may be used, distributed, or presented for non-promotional educational purposes with attribution. Contact with questions on reproduction or use. 

Call for Nominations for the CCEPR Board of Commissioners

The Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition requests nominations to fill an open position for a public member on the Board of Commissioners. 

The primary duties of the Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition are to:

a.  Formulate and adopt requirements, guidelines and procedures for the recognition of continuing dental education providers. 
b.  Approve providers of continuing dental education programs and activities. 

The public member brings a valuable public/consumer perspective to the Commission’s deliberations. Potential candidates may be nominated by an organization or may nominate themselves.  Interested parties should review the Commission’s responsibilities and the CCEPR Criteria for a Public Member (PDF) and download the CCEPR Public Member Application Form (DOCX). 

Contact CCEPR staff for more information.

CERP Provider Annual Fees to Increase in 2022

CERP provider annual fees are scheduled to increase in 2022. Most providers will see an increase of approximately 8% over 2021 annual fees. The largest providers, those in the U.S. with 15,000 or more participants in their CE activities in the previous year, and international providers with 3,000 or more participants, will see a larger increase. The current fee schedules are published on the Commission’s website. ADA CERP provider fees offset program costs and support services. Invoices for the 2022 CERP provider annual fee will be emailed in late February.

Compliance with Applicable Laws

When planning and delivering continuing dental education courses, it is important that CERP recognized providers comply with applicable federal, state and local laws. This includes, but is not limited to, complying with applicable disabilities laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act; for example, by providing effective communications to individuals with disabilities who wish to participate in CE activities, and providing reasonable accommodations and modifications as appropriate. 

CCEPR Guidance on Online CE Activities

With many providers offering CE courses online, the Commission has prepared a summary of CERP requirements for online CE (PDF), including live and recorded events. Providers are also encouraged to review the CERP Recognition Standards, in particular Standard VI.8-9.

List Your COVID-19 CE Activities on

To help dental professionals find timely and relevant CE activities, CERP recognized providers are encouraged to list their courses on Courses related to the coronavirus can be tagged with a search term for COVID-19.

Contact CCEPR staff for information on posting courses on this site.

ADA CERP participates in Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education

Joint Accreditation offers organizations that develop interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) the opportunity to be simultaneously accredited to provide continuing education credit for multiple health professions through a unified accreditation process and set of accreditation standards. With this new collaboration between Joint Accreditation and the ADA’s Continuing Education Recognition Program, organizations that are jointly accredited now have the option to include dentists in their education programs, without needing to attain a separate accreditation with ADA CERP.

Joint Accreditation gives providers that design at least 25% of their CE activities for an interprofessional audience the opportunity to offer continuing education credits in medicine, nursing, optometry, PAs (physician assistants), pharmacy, psychology, social work, and now dentistry. Read the complete Joint Accreditation news release.

CERP recognized providers that are currently accredited through Joint Accreditation, and that wish to obtain CERP recognition through the single Joint Accreditation process rather than the separate CERP application process, should contact CCEPR staff.  

ADA CERP Eligibility Criteria Revised

In 2019 the Commission announced changes to the eligibility requirements for CERP recognition. Effective July 1, 2023, providers that are commercial interests, as defined by ADA CERP, will no longer be eligible for CERP recognition. Providers that qualify as commercial interests may maintain their recognition status through June 30, 2023 by fulfilling normal program requirements.
To identify the providers that will be affected by this change, all CERP recognized providers were sent an online “commercial interest questionnaire” in December 2020. Based on its review of the information supplied by providers, the Commission identified the providers that meet the ADA CERP definition of a commercial interest. These providers were notified of the Commission’s findings this August, and advised that they will be able to maintain their recognition through June 23, 2023 but no later. Providers the Commission determined are not commercial interests were also notified that they will be eligible to maintain their ADA CERP recognition status by continuing to meet program requirements. 

After June 30, 2023, commercial interests, as defined by ADA CERP, will be able to provide financial and in-kind support for CE activities developed by ADA CERP recognized providers, as long as the commercial interests have no role in selecting the content or instructors.

The intent of this change is to reduce the potential conflicts of interest that arise when entities that produce, market, distribute or re-sell healthcare goods or services used on patients also control the content of continuing education activities.

For more information, contact Mary Borysewicz, CCEPR director, at

CERP Webinar: An Overview of the CERP Standards and Application Process

A recording of a webinar for CERP providers is available on the Commission’s website. The webinar, presented by CCEPR staff, reviews the purpose and function of the CERP Standards and the application process.

CERP Providers Granted Six Month Extensions

In response to potential business disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 the Commission granted all currently recognized providers a 6-month extension on their recognition terms and a corresponding extension on the due date for providers’ applications for continued recognition. Extensions are subject to providers’ eligibility to participate in the program and meet ADA CERP program requirements.   

View a published list of CERP providers’ updated recognition terms displaying the new recognition term end dates.  Application materials for continued recognition will be emailed to providers approximately six months before the application due date.