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CERP Provider Newsletter—2019 Edition One

Message From the Chair List Your Courses 
CERP Eligibility Criteria Revised Application Deadlines
April Meeting Commission Members
CERP Workshop  Contact CCEPR Staff
CERP Webinar  

Message from the Chair

CCEPR Chairperson Providers of continuing dental education and the Commission share a common goal: to serve the public and the dental profession by promoting education that supports professional competence and continuous improvement of patient care. The Commission’s role is to develop and implement standards that promote excellence in CE to help accomplish our shared objective. 

Toward that end, the Commission has been reviewing and revising the Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) Standards. This process is ongoing, and we anticipate releasing drafts of simplified standards for review and comment by the communities of interest by the end of 2019. 

At its April 2019 meeting, the Commission approved revisions to the CERP eligibility requirements. Beginning July 1, 2023, agencies that are “commercial interests,” as defined by ADA CERP, will no longer be eligible to be ADA CERP recognized CE providers. (More information about this change and the definition of commercial interest is in the next article.)  The change was approved after a deliberative process conducted over several years, with input invited from CERP recognized providers and other stakeholders. 

This change does not impact the ability of companies to support activities developed by CE providers that are not themselves commercial interests. It is designed to help to ensure that the content of continuing education is not influenced by commercial interests, and to lessen the opportunity for commercial bias to shape CE. The change also helps align CERP standards with those adopted in continuing education in other healthcare professions. 

Our shared commitment to excellence in continuing dental education can lead to improvements in oral health. Thank you for your participation in this important enterprise.

Nancy R. Rosenthal, D.D.S., 2018-2019 Chair

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CERP Eligibility Criteria Revised

Effective July 1, 2023, the CERP Eligibility Criteria will include a new criterion stating:

Commercial interests are not eligible for recognition. The CERP Glossary defines “commercial interest” as follows:

Commercial Interest: (1) An individual or entity that produces, markets, resells or distributes health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients, or (2) an individual or entity that is owned or controlled by an individual or entity that produces, markets, resells, or distributes health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients. Providing clinical services directly to or for patients (e.g., a dental practice, dental lab, or diagnostic lab) does not, by itself, make an individual or entity a commercial interest.

Any organization that is currently an ADA CERP recognized provider and is also a commercial interest, as defined by CERP, will be able to maintain its recognition status through June 30, 2023. Commercial interests will be able to submit applications for continued recognition prior to that date; however, recognition terms for commercial interests will expire on July 1, 2023. 

Also effective July 1, 2023, commercial interests will no longer be eligible to act as joint providers of CE activities. The revised Eligibility Criteria and Joint Providership Policy are published in the CERP Recognition Standards and Procedures, April 2019.

These changes are intended to reduce the opportunity for commercial bias to impact continuing dental education, and will better align CERP continuing dental education standards with those of other healthcare professions. The new requirement also aligns with U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidance regarding separation of marketing and education activities. 

The revised CERP policy and criteria will not prohibit CERP recognized providers from accepting support from commercial interests, as long as the commercial interest does not have a role in selecting or influencing CE content or instructors, consistent with existing CERP requirements that CE be developed independent of commercial interest (CERP Standard V.1). Providers must also ensure that all commercial support is managed in accordance with other requirements outlined in Standard V, including letters of agreement between the parties documenting the terms and conditions of the support and full published disclosure of any support.
In the coming months, the Commission plans to publish an eligibility questionnaire and other materials to assist in determining eligibility for CERP recognition. Currently recognized providers will be asked to complete the eligibility questionnaire in 2020, and a Pre-Application form including the questionnaire will be required of all providers applying for initial CERP recognition.

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Report of Commission’s April 2019 Meeting

At its meeting April 25-26, the Commission considered 8 new applications for ADA CERP recognition, 74 applications for continued recognition, 17 progress reports, three requests for reconsideration of intent to withdraw and four reports of substantive change. Including the Commission’s April 2019 actions on recognition, 469 CE providers are currently ADA CERP recognized. 

The official list of CERP recognized providers and the report of major actions from the meeting are posted on

CERP Workshop in San Francisco

The Commission will present an informational session for CE providers during the ADA FDI 2019 World Dental Congress in San Francisco. The interactive session will review CERP Standards and will help providers identify ways to demonstrate compliance with those Standards. ADA CERP Recognition: A Workshop for CE Providers is scheduled for Sunday, September 8, 9 am–12 pm. 

Webinar: An Overview of the CERP Standards and Application Process

A video recording of a webinar for CERP providers is now available on the Commission’s website. The webinar, presented by CCEPR staff in November 2018, reviews the purpose and function of the CERP Standards and presents an overview of the application process.

List Your Courses on

CERP recognized providers are encouraged to post information about their courses on the CCEPR web site. Dental professionals anywhere in the world can access the CERP Course Listing and search for courses by date, location, provider, or category. The course listing is advertised periodically in ADA publications. For information on how to login and post course information, contact Kelli Cousins at

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Upcoming CERP Application Deadlines

For providers with recognition terms ending December 2019, applications for continued recognition are due by June 28. Application forms and instructions for this cohort of providers were emailed in December. Please contact Commission staff immediately if your recognition ends in December 2019 and you have not received application materials. 

Providers with recognition terms ending in June 2020 will receive application materials in early July. Applications are due January 10, 2020.

To ensure timely receipt of re-application materials, please notify CCEPR staff of any personnel changes.

Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition

Commission members

Contact Information
Commission staff are available to assist you.

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