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CERP Provider Newsletter 2021—Edition One

Message From the Chair Call for Nominations for Public Member 
Upcoming Workshop  List Your Courses
Criteria for Online Learning Commission Members
Provider Annual Report and Annual Fee Contact CCEPR Staff


Message from the Chair

picture of Dr. Cipes

The Commission recognizes the important work continuing dental education providers do in helping dental professionals remain current in our rapidly changing world. Providing timely information and education in the last 12 months has presented challenges as well as opportunities. We applaud you for developing new, engaging, and relevant learning that has helped our profession deliver quality care to  the patients we serve, while remaining safe. We encourage you to continue to explore ways to deliver dynamic, effective CE, whether using interactive learning platforms, or developing activities for an interprofessional audience, and we thank you for your ongoing commitment to standards-based,  continuing dental education

Monica H. Cipes, DMD, MSD, 2020-2021 Chair


Upcoming Workshop: Getting Started with Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education™ 

CE providers that offer activities to an interprofessional audience may be interested in Joint Accreditation. This program allows qualified providers to become accredited to offer continuing education for multiple healthcare professions, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy and dentistry, through a single application process.  ADA CERP has been an associate member of Joint Accreditation since 2020, permitting providers to obtain ADA CERP recognition through Joint Accreditation, Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education™ is hosting a virtual “Getting Started” workshop on Friday, March 19, 2021 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (CT). This workshop will explain the basics and benefits of Joint Accreditation as well as answer questions about the Joint Accreditation process and is designed primarily for both organizations in the initial stages of the application process as well as organizations that are considering applying for Joint Accreditation. 

By engaging in this workshop, you will learn about: 

  • Value & benefits of Joint Accreditation
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Application process and timeline
  • Joint Accreditation Criteria

There is a registration fee of $75 per person for this workshop. Get more information or register for the workshop.

If you have questions about the Getting Started with Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education™ workshop, please email

If you have questions about transitioning from ADA CERP direct recognition to recognition through Joint Accreditation, please contact CCEPR staff

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ADA CERP Criteria for Online Learning

With social distancing guidelines in place for much of the last year, many CE providers are delivering educational programming online. The Commission has published a Guidance on Online CE (PDF), summarizing specific ADA CERP criteria for online CE activities, in addition to general requirements for all CE activities. 

CERP Standards consider live virtual activities (synchronous) activities to be equivalent to live, in-person courses. Recordings of live events that are made available for review at a later date (asynchronous), and for which CE credit is offered, are considered “self-study” or “self-instructional” activities. 

All CE activities offered by CERP recognized providers must include learning objectives, disclosure of commercial support and instructors’ relevant financial relationships, and an assessment. Online courses must also include some mechanism for learners to interact with content experts, either through chat, email, or other methods. Commercial activities such as advertisements or other marketing activities must be kept separate from online activities, and “commercials” for a company or product may not be included within the activity. 

Review the CERP requirements for online learning. 


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CERP Provider Annual Report and Annual Fee

Invoices for the 2020 CERP annual fee were emailed in February and are due March 15. In addition, a link to the CERP provider annual survey was emailed earlier this week. The annual survey is due June 1.
The CERP provider annual report asks for information on the total number of CE activities held in 2020, as well as the number of CE credits offered for those activities, and the total number of participants. If your organization did not offer any CE in 2020, please enter zero (0) in all applicable fields in the survey. Submission of an annual report and payment of the annual fee are requirements for continued participation in ADA CERP. 

Please contact CCEPR staff if you did not receive the annual fee invoice, or the link to the annual report.

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Call for Nominations of CCEPR Public Member

The Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition requests nominations to fill an open position for a public member to serve on the Board of Commissioners. The public member brings a valuable public/consumer perspective to the Commission’s deliberations.

The primary duties of the Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition are to formulate and adopt requirements, guidelines and procedures for the recognition of continuing dental education providers, and approve providers of continuing dental education. 

Candidates may be nominated by an individual or organization or may nominate themselves.  Interested parties should review the Commission’s responsibilities and the CCEPR Criteria for a Public Member (PDF) and download the CCEPR Public Member Application Form (DOCX). Contact CCEPR staff for more information.

List Your Courses on

CERP recognized providers are encouraged to post information about their courses on the CCEPR web site. Dental professionals anywhere in the world can access the CERP Course Listing and search for courses by date, location, provider, or category. The course listing is advertised periodically in ADA publications. For information on how to login and post course information, contact Kelli Cousins at

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