CERP Provider Newsletter 2022— Edition One

Message from the Chair

As we reported to you in early May, the ADA experienced a cyber-security incident in late April of this year which disrupted access to ADA network files and email for several weeks. Operations have since been fully restored after careful testing and validation. To date, there remains no evidence that the ADA membership database has been accessed by unauthorized individuals.

I am pleased to report that CCEPR staff have resumed normal operations for accepting and processing CERP applications. To those of you who have been waiting for updates regarding recent submissions, we sincerely thank you for your patience while we worked though this disruption to some of our systems. We apologize for any delays as we address the backlog of requests.

We appreciate your commitment to quality continuing education and your ongoing participation in ADA CERP.

John D. Ball, DDS, Chair, Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition

Stakeholder Survey

The Commission is currently conducting a strategic planning process to develop goals to guide operations over the next three years. As part of this process, we would like to hear from stakeholders, including ADA CERP recognized providers.

You will receive an emailed invitation from Association Options, the organization selected by the Commission to assist with developing a new strategic plan. The email will invite you to complete a brief online survey regarding the value the Commission and ADA CERP provide and how best to support you and your work.

As part of its strategic planning process, the Commission will evaluate its mission to “serve the public, the dental profession, and other healthcare providers by developing and implementing standards that promote excellence in continuing dental education to support professional competence and continuous improvement of patient care.”

Your responses to the survey will be used to help the Commission identify and prioritize goals to help advance that mission. Please check your email inbox for this survey the week of July 18.

Implementing the Revised CERP Eligibility Criteria: Commercial Interests and Joint Providership

The revised ADA CERP Eligibility Criteria approved in 2019 will take effect on July 1, 2023. At that time, commercial interests (review the ADA CERP definition) will no longer be eligible to be ADA CERP recognized providers of CE.

In addition, commercial interests will no longer be eligible to act as “joint providers” of continuing dental education activities by partnering with CERP recognized providers to develop CE activities. Providers that enter into joint providership arrangements to jointly plan CE activities are encouraged to review the CERP Joint Providership Policy.

Commercial interests will continue to be able to provide financial and in-kind support for CE activities developed by ADA CERP recognized providers, as long as the commercial interests have no role in selecting the topics, content or instructors.

As explained in the May 2019 announcement of these impending changes, the intent is to reduce the potential conflicts of interest that arise when entities that produce, market, distribute or re-sell healthcare goods or services used on patients also control the content of continuing education activities.

All CERP recognized providers have now been notified regarding their eligibility to participate in ADA CERP after June 30, 2023. Providers with any questions regarding their status should contact Mary Borysewicz, CCEPR director, at borysewiczm@ada.org.

Report of Commission’s Spring 2022 Meeting

In a special meeting on June 6, 2022, the Commission considered and took action on 13 new applications for ADA CERP recognition, 73 applications for continued recognition, eight progress reports, and one request for reconsideration of intent to withdraw. The Commission granted initial recognition to 12 providers, and continued recognition to 73 providers. The Commission withdrew recognition from two providers for failure to fulfill program requirements and discontinued recognition from 14 providers at the providers’ request. As a result of these actions, at the time this report was written, 502 CE providers are currently ADA CERP recognized.

The official list of CERP recognized providers and the report of major actions from the meeting are posted on the CCEPR website.

CERP Provider Annual Fees and Reports

Invoices for the CERP annual fee and links to the CERP annual survey were emailed in February. If you did not receive the invoice or annual report link, please contact CCEPR staff.

List Your Courses on CCEPR.ADA.org

CERP recognized providers are encouraged to post information about their courses on the CCEPR web site. Dental professionals anywhere in the world can access the CERP Course Listing and search for courses by date, location, provider, or category. The course listing is advertised periodically in ADA publications. For information on how to login and post course information, contact Kelli Cousins at cousinsk@ada.org.

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